The Artist


Travel Inspired Art & Design Brand for the Sophisticated, Adventurous Nomad.

Eve was inspired to create high-end art and designs inspired by her travels around the world, to share culture, adventure and to capture memories to take home.

"I was always looking for a meaningful accent for my home, or accessory to wear, with usable art, to remind me of the life changing experiences gained from travelling adventures, and exploring new cultures." ~ Eve

She is inspired by subtle details from the environment and turns them into inspired artworks that have a story to tell, a culture to share, and that capture these experiences that change who we are. 

After travelling the world and living outside of her mother country (Australia) for over 20 years, Eve feels like she belongs everywhere and no where at the same time, adapting to each new country and culture as she continues to travel and live around the world with her Culturally-Fluid family,  Eve collects her favorite parts of the cultures she learns about and experiences, and integrates them into her life, values and art.