The Artist


Travel Inspired Lifestyle Brand for the Sophisticated, Adventurous Nomad.

The Shamal is a lifestyle brand that embodies the wanderlust and adventurous spirit of the global traveler. Inspired by the beauty and diversity of cultures around the world, The Shamal's artist, Genevieve, travels the globe, creating stunning artworks that capture the essence of each destination. Infused with subtle yet meaningful details, each piece tells a unique story and celebrates the richness of human experience.

At The Shamal, we believe that art has the power to connect us all, and we are proud to share our passion for creativity and cultural exploration with the world.

Genevieve's Artwork has been gifted to Royalty, and VIP's, and some of her past and current clients and collaborations include: include the Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Matjar, Spoonflower, RedBubble, Society6, Faire, Coastline Luxury Marine Services, President of KAUST, Sports Clubs, and Gift Stores.

Artist by a 1920s move set light. The artist is from CreatEVE Design and is holding paintbrushes and wearing a white shirt.

After travelling the world and living outside of her mother country (Australia) for over 20 years, Eve feels like she belongs everywhere and no where at the same time, adapting to each new country and culture as she continues to travel and live around the world with her family.  Eve collects her favorite parts of the cultures she learns about and experiences, and integrates them into her life, values and art.