Top Arabic Art Ideas for a Pop of Culture at Home

Top Arabic Art Ideas for a Pop of Culture at Home

Top Arabic Art Ideas for a Pop of Culture at Home

travel to Arabia or Morocco and you can see horseshoe arches tiled with geometric patterns and artwork pictured here with a contrast of bright aqua frames and yellow accents on the tilework and walls.

Saudi Arabia’s National Day is around the corner, being celebrated on the 23rd of September. Locals usually honor this day with fireworks, festivities, and lots of green lights.

But who said you need to travel to Saudi Arabia to celebrate? This is a great opportunity for travelers, history lovers and artists to throw an Arabian themed party or to just decorate their homes with some classic Saudi decorations. Arabic Art doesn’t mean just hanging expensive paintings on your walls. It can be found in traditional food, clothes, home decorations or even body paint.

And the more creative…the better. Let’s explore together the best ways to incorporate Arabic art into your life.


Henna hands is a transnational arabic accessory painted onto hand for many occasions, especially weddings. pictures is a woman's hands with aqua bracelets and ring folded over an aqua dress over her knee.


We’ve all seen at least one picture of someone with a henna tattoo on Instagram. Even celebrities got one at some point. However, henna doesn’t mean just a pretty design and an opportunity to get a temporary, painless and risk free tattoo.

Body paint has been a way to celebrate one’s culture for thousands of years. The henna paste was even used as a cooling method by people wandering in the desert. Moreover, in certain cultures brides-to-be are receiving a henna tattoo right before their wedding to celebrate the special occasion.

With its popularity increasing, you won’t need to travel to Saudi Arabia to get a henna tattoo. It’s a great accessory for your Arabic themed party and a great way to explore a unique form of Arabic Art.

Essential Oils and Spices

arabic spices can be great gifts. here is a picture of arabic spices you can see on your travels especially in Morocco and Arabia, middle East, shaped in colorful cones often in bags or pots.

When you say Saudi you say flavor, and what better way to travel to Saudi Arabia than through your senses? Spices are the key to the majority of Arabic dishes, ranging from more popular ones like cinnamon, cumin or nutmeg to some of the most valuable spices in the world, like saffron or cardamom.

Give that exotic, but strong flavor to your home with some essential oils, or by lightning a scented candle.

If you want to be even more traditional, you can simply boil some cinnamon sticks. Just adding some sticks in simmering water will make your house smell cozier than ever. What a great way to celebrate an early autumn day!

Another way you can explore the classic spices of Saudi Arabia is by integrating them into your beverages or dishes. Have you ever thought of adding cardamom to your morning coffee?  Saudi Arabia is renowned for its traditional beverage an authentic Arabian coffee, made with cardamom.

Perfumes are another way you can explore the spices of the Middle East. The OUD perfume is one of the most popular travel gifts, and it has such great ratings for a reason. With its strong, but also earthy tones, it carries the essence of Saudi Arabia in a bottle.

Geometric Patterns Everywhere

geometric art tiles around a golden faucet. Geometric designs are a perfect way  to add a touch of culture in your home, inside and outdoors.

Geometric patterns are the core of Arabic art, as they represent the deep essence of simple things. Travel gifts with geometric shapes are a really popular option. Simply adding a rug into your living room will change the aesthetic of the entire house. You can also buy paintings, accessories, jewelry, or even day-to-day things embroidered with geometric patterns.

Bold Colors and Arabic Fashion

Arabic fashion is bold and extravagant. Adding colorful lamps and using strong colors like red, orange or pink is the perfect way to catch anyone’s attention. The secret is mixing the colors with the right materials. For example, try using high-quality silk, or satin in bolder colors for the perfect mix between classy and exotic.

An important part of Arabic Art is color symbolism. Each color has a different meaning and radiates a different energy. Red is fiery, passionate, reminding us of fire and the power of love. On the other hand, white symbolizes purity and simplicity. If you want to celebrate properly, you can also wear something green, the main color of Saudi’s flag.

Explore Traditional Arabic Dishes

Arabic dishes are delicious, but that’s not the only interesting part about them. Learning the food rules of a certain country can help you understand its culture better. Due to their religion, locals don’t consume pork or alcohol in Saudi Arabia. This leaves space for many vegetarian-friendly recipes and dishes made with chicken, lamb, or even fish.

If you’re hosting an Arabic themed party, falafel and hummus are great starters.  They are vegetarian-friendly and with just one bite you feel like you are traveling to Saudi Arabia. Decorate your hummus with pine nuts and a drizzle of olive oil for some extra taste. For the main course, try cooking the classic chicken and rice, but don’t be afraid to add a little bit of spice. Mix them with some paprika, chili powder or even cinnamon to achieve that exotic flavor.

If the event is more casual, you can’t skip serving shawarma, a classic Arabic dish, consisting of slices of meat, fries, pickles and sauces rolled into a traditional bread.

plate of arabic food, mutton served with rice, lime and spices

Celebrate Saudi’s National Day

Arabic art can be found in so many things around us and you don’t need to travel to Saudi Arabia to enjoy it. Instead, let’s celebrate together!

With Saudi’s National Day around the corner, we launched a new collection of travel gifts, focusing on elegant details of Arabic fashion and geometric patterns. You can purchase your t-shirts at a special offer to help you celebrate, with a $15 saving! Add a touch of Arabic art into your home from anywhere in the world.

white mandala tshirt with green mandala in an all over print design standing in front of the saudi arabian flag

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