Saudi Arabia Souvenirs: How To Find Unique Travel Gifts?

Saudi Arabia Souvenirs: How To Find Unique Travel Gifts?

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When people go abroad, souvenirs are usually the last thing that comes into their minds. Searching for travel gifts is mostly an activity saved for the last day before coming back home, which leaves us almost no time for creativity and meaningful travel gift ideas. 

Because of this, many tourists end up buying basic souvenirs, like fridge magnets or expensive perfumes from the airport’s “duty-free” area.

A study by Club Med shows that the most wanted souvenirs differ in each country, depending mostly on culture. For example, in Italy, tourists prefer buying Venetian Masks, while in Turkey, the most famous souvenir is the Evil Eye.

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According to the same study, the most wanted travel gift from Saudi Arabia is the OUD perfume, known for its intense aroma. However, if you want to come back home with unique travel gifts from Saudi Arabia and impress your loved ones, don’t step into the first souvenir shop you find, without doing some additional research first.

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Learn More About the Local Culture

A study conducted by Griffith University shows that tourists are more likely to purchase souvenirs that are linked to the regional culture, than general items they can find in their own country. As the study also points out, these results emphasize the importance of authenticity when it comes to travel gifts. 

When it comes to gift giving, souvenirs should remind you of the places you have visited, so buying something that reflects the local culture is the first thing you need to take into consideration. 



In Saudi Arabia, geometric art is really popular with Islamic designs and Arabic art. They have spiritual meaning. The use of different geometric patterns, like circles, or repetitive designs symbolizes infinity. Arabic art uses abstract methods to describe the essence of things, and not just surface-level details.

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Getting to know some cultural insights before rushing to the first souvenir shop is key when it comes to unique travel gifts. A nice cutlery set with a touch of Arabic Art, or even a piece of clothing with geometric patterns are much more meaningful than purchasing a fridge magnet. 

Ask for Recommendations

Who knows better than locals? No one, not even the Internet. If you want to find unique travel gifts, ask locals for their recommendations. Next time you enter a souvenir shop, take a look around and ask the seller about their products. 

Don’t settle for “What item should I buy?” or “What’s the best-selling souvenir?”. Ask them “Why?”. This is a great way to find more cultural details about the country, Arabic art and Islamic designs. Moreover, you get to check if the items are actually authentic, or if they are just scams that attract customers.

As general advice, avoid searching for souvenirs in really crowded and popular places, like central markets. Usually, travel gifts are really expensive in areas with easy access and there's a big chance you will only find touristy souvenirs (and a few pick-pockets as well!), instead of unique gifts.

Instead, wander around the city and search for those small, more hidden shops. They are usually owned by locals, so you might find someone that can truly help you find the perfect present. Usually, these are the places where you have the chance to find the amazing gift you were searching for.

Give DIY Gifts a Chance

Let’s say you went from one souvenir shop to another and you didn’t find anything you like. In this case, you can try making one yourself. Personalized travel gifts truly bring a touch of foreign culture while also saying “I thought of you and I put effort into your gift”.

In Saudi Arabia, calligraphy is considered a spiritual form of Arabic art. Crafts are also popular and highly appreciated among locals. Even if you don’t see yourself as crafty, there are some easy travel gifts you can make yourself, like a nice postcard. Choose your favorite picture from your trip and print it. Stick it to a piece of paper and write a nice message for the receiver.

You can also make handmade jewelry. Buy some beads and pearls and put them on a thin string. You can use your imagination and creativity or you can ask a local to help you out.

Think About Your Loved One’s Preferences

The best way to find gifts with meaning is by thinking of the unique traits of your loved ones. Geometric art, Islamic designs and travel themed gifts are a great choice for people who love exploring other cultures or learning new things. 

There are many options you can choose from when looking for the perfect gift. You can either purchase an impressive painting resembling Arabic art, or you can even buy everyday things with geometric patterns, like towels, shoes, or t-shirts that are incredibly useful for the receiver of the gift, yet they still share your experiences and adventures in a meanful way.

geometric Islamic art towel gift souvenir Saudi Morocco

Clothes or an informative book regarding the local style is a great gift for fashion lovers. If you have some extra time and you like being crafty, you can make a photo album with pictures you took during your trip that show traditional pieces of clothing. 

keffiyeh traditional saudi clothing head dress shemagh


As for food lovers, there’s no better gift than traditional food or a recipe book with classic dishes from Saudi Arabia. You can also learn how to make your favorite Saudi dish and cook it for your loved ones when you come back home. Just remember though, that you may not be allowed to bring food products to your destination country. 

Bring a Touch of Culture Back Home

Souvenirs are a great way to say “I thought about you while I was traveling”. However, finding unique travel gifts that will suit your loved ones can be a pretty difficult task. 

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